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We are delighted to announce three GBE Foundation scholarship winners for school year 2017/18: Matej Uhrin, Silvester Lorencik and Petra Sejkova. All three talented students will be entering U.S .high schools as juniors for an entire school year. We wish them all the success in their new exciting journey. Brief profiles are below:

Matej Uhrin, Gymnazium High School in Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Junior at LaGrange High School, Louisana

  • 3.97 GPA (unweighted), only a single B in three semesters at one of the top high schools in Slovakia
  • Lives in a small flat in Ruzomberok in northern Slovakia. His father works in a logistics business, and his mother works in a pharmacy store
  • Very disciplined and driven, yet very polite and humble
  • Loves hiking and outdoor activities
  • Very interested in environmentalism, conservation efforts (including living with zero trash for weeks at a time) and healthy, sustainable nutrition
  • Active member of non-profit organizations including Greenpeace and Animal Liberty
  • Loves France and speaks fluent French. Went on a school trip to France and Switzerland to spend one week in a French family
  • Wants to study international law and wants to become an international lawyer or a diplomat

Silvester Lorencik, Gymnazium P.O. Hviezdoslava High School in Kezmarok, Slovakia

Junior at Prairie View High School, Kansas

  • From Spisska Bela, a small town in eastern Slovakia
  • Father drives a waste recycling truck, and his mother works in a flower shop
  • 3.61 GPA (unweighted). First person within his family on a college path
  • Extremely extroverted, organizational type. Very driven, outspoken
  • A true leader – very inquisitive and not afraid to ask hard questions
  • Socially and politically active
  • Loves skiing, hiking, outdoor activities as he grew up in a mountainous region. Is currently trying kinecross with his dogs
  • Loves and has talent for languages: has learned the basics of six different languages, and has mastered four languages
  • Wants to be in academia, and loves teaching
  • Traveled with his family within the region sleeping in cars, outdoor camping

Petra Sejkova, Gymnazium Dominika Tatarku High School in Poprad, Slovakia

Junior at Kents Hill School, Maine

  • From a small village, Horka pri Poprade, in eastern Slovakia
  • Father works as a security guard at a military warehouse, and mother is a shop assistant in a grocery store
  • 4.0 GPA (unweighted) at one of the best public high schools in Slovakia. Has a true talent for learning
  • Creative, artistic type with multifaceted interests: creative DIY projects (backpacks from old jeans, etc.), painting, singing in a choir, and playing piano
  • Enjoys hard rock and heavy metal music, as well as sci-fi books
  • Very interested in languages, excellent English despite never visiting an English-speaking country
  • Wants to work with foreign languages and in an international community as a career choice
  • Has not had much chance to travel, and is excited to travel to the U.S.

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