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GBE Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps young, talented, underprivileged students from Central Europe fulfill their dreams – in education, athletics, performing arts, and cultural discovery.

For six years, we have found, selected, sponsored and mentored high school students from Slovakia. Students who have come to study at high schools in the United States – and have excelled.

We not only give scholarships to Slovak students – we give them the confidence they need to succeed in American schools. We strongly believe that attending a high school abroad is a great, cost effective tool to kickstart young talent by:

  • Improving foreign language
  • Experiencing global educational systems and cultures – a true eye opener
  • Gaining exposure to top university recruiters/coaches – a chance to change lives

We believe in taking early bets on young people, and giving them an opportunity to change their lives. More importantly, we teach them to help others and begin a cycle of giving. Proudly, all of our alumni have completed the program and are now successful young professionals / university students who are now actively contributing their time and resources to GBE Foundation. The cycle of giving continues.

We are currently looking to expand across Slovakia and Czech Republic to create a regional non-profit organization and network of talent-seekers and supporters.